Language : Expression Frequency

What about frequency adverbs?
            Frequency adverbs are slightly different from general expressions of frequency in English due to their location in a sentence. When we use them we have to place them between the subject and the verb. There are a couple of exceptions in the form of the verbs “to be” and “to be able to” however. Examples: I usually go to the cinema He always plays football They sometimes have parties at their house As we can see from these examples and according to the previously explained rule, the frequency adverb is highlighted and found between the subject and verb. It should also be noted that when we use frequency adverbs in the present perfect tense, their position in the sentence changes and actually comes between the auxiliary verb (to have) and the past participle.

  • Adverbs of frequency (usually, sometimes, hardly, ever, etc) normally go before the main verb. Some adverbs (e.g sometimes, occasionaly, normally) can also go at the beginning or and of a sentence.
    • Zafia amost always checks her email first thing in the morning.
    • I have to call a support technician occosionally.
  • Time expression (once a week, from time to time, all the time, etc) go at the beggining or and of the sentence.
    • Pawel takes trainning courses two or there time a year.

Language : Present Simple Questions

To from present simple questions
  • we use do/does +subject +main verb
  • if there is a question word in the question (who, what, when, how, etc) it always comes at the beginning.
    • does this software work on iphones?
    • how often do you update the software?
  • for yes/no questions (questions we can answer with "yes or no". We use rising ( ) intonation.
  • for questions that begin with a qestion word, we use falling ( ) intination.
    • do you work with small companies? ( )
    • how do i use this software? ( )

Speaking : work in pairs or small groups. Discuss these question
  1. How do you use IT? Think about work, study and fun.
  2. What device do you use?
  3. What software do you use?


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