-  Language : giving instructions :

1.We often use imperatives to given instructions. We use “softener” such as could  you, can you and just to make the instructions sound more polite.
  Example - Drag the window to the left
      - Could you just double click on the bottom icon?

2.We use sequencers (e.g. first, then, next, after that, finally) to show the order of the steps.
Exampel : - First, just click on the “start button. Then select “shut down” in the bottom right corner.

- Work pairs: take turn to explain these actions. Look at the prompt in 7 ore use your own ideas.
How to close a program.
First, go to the “file” menu. Then click “exit”. Or click the “X” in the top right-hand corner of the window :
 1.How to change a program’s settings

-Vocabulary: matching words 1-8 from the email to words a-h with a similar meaning :

1. Cable        g. Disconnect
2. Plug (into)       c. Connect
3. Insert        f. Electricity socket      
4. Power socket      d. Connector
5. Turn on       e. Turn off
6. Press        a. Push
7. Unplug       h.
8. Switching off      b. Push (into)

- Complete these prepositional verbs
1. Connect to wifi
2. Plug power cable
3. Unplug electricity socket
4. Disconnect to wifi

- Language : sentences with two objects

Some sentences have two objects. We often use a preposition between the two objects ( verb + object of verb + preposition + object of prepositions).
Example : - I unplugged the cable from the computer.
     - Insert the plug into the socket.

- Use two objects where appropriate. Switch off the computer and the projector :
1.Plug __into to the vidio socket__
2. Plug __power cable socket__
3. Switch __equipment projector and computer __
4. Push ___press the function key__
5. When finished, turn _shift_
6. Disconnect _power cable_

- Write an email explaining how to transfer photographs from a digital camera to a computer. Give instructions for the steps below. Include the features from 8 in your email.

From : HRD staff
To  : New employess
Date : 21 march 2020
Subject : Photo printing company

Good morning, new employee, here I will explain how to transfer photo files from the camera to the laptop, all you have to do :
1. open the memory card because it was transferred to the laptop
2. open the software in the laptop
3. select the menu and open the photo file
4. select upward to the destination folder
5. Press OK after finished to select the destination folder
6. press copy after  choose a photo to be moved
7. then press paste after copying
8. after that wait for the process

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