For those of you who are still unable to register / create a diyahoo account, please follow the complete and easy guide below, for that before starting you should first prepare a name that will be used / used for the address / ID yahoomail later, such as the example, , etc.

      To speed up the process of making you can go directly to the new account registration Form page , now you just need to fill out the form that appears completely and correctly, and the following is an example of filling out the form :
  1. First Name : Please enter your name.
  2. Last Name : enter your last name, if you only have your first name then your last name can be filled with your first name.
  3. Yahoo Username : Here you can choose your yahoo address / ID with @ or @
  4. Password : Enter the password of your choice, Remember the password here must use numbers and letters, and there must also be one large letter and the number of characters must not be less than 8.
  5. Cellphone Number : Enter your mobile phone number which is still active, because sometimes the yahoo party will send a code via sms to the mobile number you entered to confirm the account that you created.
  6. Date of Birth : Enter your date.
  7. Please select your gender.
  8. Optional Recovery Number : This is used to maintain account security and can also be useful for requesting a new password if you forget your password.
  9. If all forms have been completed, please click the "Create account" button.

Sometimes after you click the create account button a verification page will appear by entering the visible captions.

      The next step, please click the "Initial Preparation" button. After you click the button, the home page of Yahoo Indonesia will open and you will find your name on the top right. Up here means you have succeeded in the process of creating an account / email on Yahoo. if you have checked all the features and have finished using the email, don't forget to always sign out, to protect your account.

      And now it has been proven that registering / creating new e-mails on yahoo is easy and also free, and if you have successfully created e-mail now you can also directly to create a Facebook account (FB) or Twitter list and maybe you also want to know how the heck how to create a blog on or just want to know how to send email at and on, hopefully it's useful and thank you for stopping by on my blog.

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